Sunday, November 15, 2009

For Faithful Friends by Marilyn Randall

To check out her other books and bio you can got to
I received "For Faithful Friends" from the author because the review book I was to receive was delyaed. First of all I was impressed. I never know when I request books how soon they will arrive so I was surprised to receive a temporary replacement. Having read her book I will definitely look forward to receiving "Elmer, the Christmas Elf" to review. However, I have a new step-granddaughter that will be receiving this book for Christmas. It is the wonderful story of a turtle who has a dream but is so afraid to do anything to reach his dream. He has a friend who brings him corn each day and tries to encourage him. The turtle is so afraid of the meadow that he constantly warns all of the others. His friend, the field mouse explains that soon winter will be there and he won't be able to bring the turtle corn. He encourages him to put his faith and trust in God to get him across the meadow. The turtle really wants to but decides to wait. He sees his friend out in the meadow then suddenly he sees a hawk's shadow. He asks God to help him move quickly so that he can save his friend. Once he takes that first step of faith he is okay. He is able to move on to his dream. This was a wonderful book told in beautiful verse, The pictures were simple and lovely. The message is one of hope and trusting in God that is simple enough for children. However, the message is not lost on the adult as well. I look forward to sharing many more books by this author with my grandkids and my friend's children.


  1. I love children's Christian books!! Great review!

    I have an award for you HERE

  2. Funny thing...I posted the above early this morning, and then today I received this book also as a replacement for "Elmer, the Christmas Elf"!