Saturday, November 14, 2009

Student Review Saturday

Review of The Surrender Tree by Margarita Engle

Jesse is an eighth grader and chose this book written in poetic form. The following is his review.

The book Surrender Tree was a book of poems that had to do with the Cuban War. The setting of the book is in Cuba. The war zone of Cuba is where it is really held. My favorite poem of the book is part one, The Names of the Flowers. The names of the flowers is about a girl named Rosa who is in the middle of the Cuban War. Rosa was a nurse that would help the sick and injured. The names of the flowers also talks about how it sounds when shots are fired and when the wind hits the leaves of trees when it gets quiet. I would recommend this book to my cousin. My cousin would really like this book because she likes poems and it has to do with a girl, so I think she would like it. The book didn't really live up to my expectations because I thought it would be a book about how Cuba took strike for freedom. But bow I know that they went to war for freedom. The connections I made for this book would be with the movie "Flag of our Fathers". The movie connects with the book because the U.S. Soldiers go to Japan to fight for Japan's freedom.

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