Tuesday, December 15, 2009

3 cute picture books

Elmer the Christmas Elf by Marilyn E. Randall

Elmer is a Christmas Elf. He takes joy in making gifts for girls and boys. He readies all the toys for Santa's sleigh. After Santa has left he realizes he has left one toy out. The joy is gone until he prays. He realizes he can put all of his worries in God's hands and things will work out.

Inside Out by Marilyn E. Randall

Froggie is unhappy. He thinks he is ugly and green. He asks his mother to change him. She explains he is just as he needs to be. She sends him to see the great owl and he passes along some wisdom about accepting who we are the way God made us.

Both of these books are told in rhyme and are beautifully illustrated. The godly messages they set out to teach children are simple and understandable. I enjoyed both of them and recommend her books to anyone who has ever read to a child or has children at home.

Gifts of the Heart by Karen Boes Oman

What a wonderful story that wove in the Mother Goose characters we are all so familiar with. Grandma and Grandpa come to visit the children. When they arrive they are quite flustered. Their car along with all of the presents for their grandchildren have been blown away. They take the grandchildren to find them and find them being used by the Mother Goose characters. They decide that they are needed most where they are. They return home only to be visited by these very characters who return hand made gifts given from their hearts. What an excellent story. I can't wait to read this to my grand-daughter.

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