Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Broken Road to Disaster Recovery – Keifer Bonvillain
Publisher: Keifer Publishing
Pages: 390
Source: Review Copy

Hurricane Katrina left a damage that would be talked about for years to come. No one foresaw the damage that would be done by those who came to help after the hurricane. Beck Disaster Recovery came in to help the people pull through this catastrophe. Instead they left a wake of illegal activity that included drugs, sex for favors, alcohol and discrimination. When Keifer Bonvillain received complaints he took them to the head of the company. When nothing was done he took matters into his own hands. He taped conversations that would eventually implicate those who were supposed to be helping. This was an eye opening book. It is scary to think that this really happened and can and probably will happen again.

Prodigal Sons – Sheldon Greene
Publisher: BookSurge
Pages: 340
Source: Review Copy

In this fictional book Jan Goldberg, a Polish Jew and former resistance fighter has taken on the persona of Horst Vogle a museum curator. He is working to find and kill the Nazi’s that were not brought to justice for whatever reason. He is also hunting for the gold and other valuables that were stolen by the Nazi’s and used to send Nazi dignitaries to South America. This is where they hide out to escape punishment for their war crimes.
Things are going smoothly until he meets Greta Furster. She is an up and coming pianist. Some of her social crowd are the very people he is hunting. He has to make some tough decisions that involve his love for Greta and who he really is. This was a good story that I have happily passed on to one of our history teachers.

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