Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday's Comment Challenge

Alone at the Microphone was one of those sites that I had trouble pinning down. I was actually unfamiliar with the books she reads. Could be because I usually review YA or MG books. However, some of these book looked pretty good. It is definitely worth a second look.

The Ya Ya Yas
blogsite is a fun site to visit. What I found most enjoyable, (Besides all of the reviews) was the sidebar. They have their blogroll set up by category, such as: Children’s Lit, YA Lit, etc. I couldn’t help but sign up to receive this in my feed.

Need some writing tips or better yet some writing inspiration? Head on over to Sparklab for your daily dose. They have some wonderful tips to help everyone from the beginner to the experienced writer.

Karen and Bill at Literate Lives has a wonderful site. Bill, a librarian during the day talked about his job and his reading pit and I so want to go there and sit all day and read. Unfortunately I have my own class I am trying to motivate to read. Their passion for books and reading comes out in every book they review.

Peggy Archer is a children’s book writer. Stop by her site and check out her books. Pop on over and check out her tips for writers. There is never enough info out there to keep me from learning. Great and simple site.

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  1. (wow, am coming from comment carnival too!) thanks for these cool links! now i've got more site to visit ...