Monday, January 18, 2010

Three Mary Downing Hahn Books

The Doll in the Garden - Mary Downing hahn
Publisher:  Sandpiper, 2007
Pages: 144
Source:  I purchased

When Ashley and her mother move into the upstairs apartment of Old Miss Cooper's house, Ashley finds that things aren't always what they seem to be.  Ashley finds herself caught between the cranky old landlady, a pesky and jealous neighbor and the ghost of a little girl.  Solving this mystery might just be what everyone needs to make a difference in their lives.  Once agan the author has done an excellent job of drawing the reader into the story.

Time for Andrew - Mary Downing Hahn
Publisher:  Sandpiper, 2007
Pages:  176
Source:  I purchased

What would you do if you knew youwere so ill you were going to die and you suddenly find yourself thrown into the future?  Would you willingly go back to your own time?  This is waht happens to twelve year old Andrew.  dying of diptheria he finfds himself transported into the future and his great-great- newphew Drew is transported into his time.  The problem is Andrew doesn't want to switch back when he gets well.  This was another wonderful mystery.  It had the time travel element that added to the suspense.

Look For Me By Moonlight - Mary Downing Hahn
Publisher: Graphia, 2008
Pages: 208
Source: I purchased

This review will be a little different.  It is part of the "Take Another Chance Challenge".  For this challenge I must write my review as one of the characters, in any form I choose.  I have chosen to have the main character Cynda interviewed on Good Morning America.

Robin:  "Welcome to Good Morning America. I 'm Robin Roberts and with me today is is a young lady who managed to survive a vampire attack.  Welcome Cynda."

Cynda:  "Thank you, it's good to be here."

Robin:  "How did you end up being at the old inn?"

Cynda:  "Well my step-dad is in the military and we were constantly moving around.  When they told me we would be moving to Italy I had to put my foot down.  My mom called my dad and they decided I would go live with him and my step-mom and and their son Toddy.  I figured they jumped at the chance to have me help them babysit because my step-mom's pregnant."

Robin:  "How is it you came to meet Vincent  Morthanos?"

Cynda:  "Well I guess you could say that I was acting spoiled and extremely jealous of my step-brother and the way I felt he was hogging my dad.  We got this new tenant who was going to stay for a month.  That was Vincent, and he said he was a writer just like my dad.  He saw some of the things that went on.  You know how Toddy would get away with things and I would get blamed.  He let me know he understood."

Robin:  "So how did your parents feel about him?"

Cynda:  "Oh they absolutely loved him.  He always seemed to have the right answer and was very helpful.  The only one that didn't like him was Toddy.  I probably should have listened to him.   But who listens to a four year old?"

Robin:  "When  and how did you realize something was wrong?"

Cynda:  "Well at first I didn't.  Vincent was always taking my side of the argument.  I guess I would say I thought I was falling in love with him.  Will, a guy I met at the inn didn't like Vincent much either.  I visited him and before I knew it he had bit me.  Every night he came back.  I thought I was going to die.  I found out that 75 years before, the Inn keepers daughter had been found at the bottom of the cliff with her throat slit.  That's when I knew that Vincent was responsible."  I tried to tell my family and anyone who would listen.  He had some sort of spell over me.  I even bit Will as a way of trying to tell him.  He got the picture but Vincent stepped in and had him arrested for attacking me.  I knew I had to do somethng when Toddy started to like him.  He couldn't find anything bad to say about him and he started getting sick just like me."

Robin:  "We're going to take a commercial break now and when we return we will hear from Cynda how she managed to escape Vincent's evil clutches."

Do you want to know what happened?  Want to know how Cynda escaped?  Read the book.


  1. Clever! I really didn't enjoy this one, but your review was fun to read! Thanks.

  2. I love how you handled the interview with the character ... and left us with the cliffhanger! Nicely done!!