Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Three Middle Grade Novels

The Green Bronze Mirror - Lynne Ellison
Publisher:  CN Posner, 2009
Pages:  117
Source:  Review copy from publisher

I love time travel.  In this historical/fantasy fiction novel, Karen is on Holiday in England.  She loves being alone and daydreaming.  She creates stories to go along with everyday scenes.  While out walking she comes across a green bronze mirror that transports her back in time.  She finds herself a slave in a household.  She sees and experiences many of the things she had previously only read about.  The author Lynn Ellison was only fourteen years old when she wrote this book.  Her love of that period shines through.  I think this would go over well with 12 - 13 year old girls.  It's a shame the author has never written anything else.  It would be wonderful to see what came from the imaginative mind now that she is an adult.

Spellbinder - Helen Stringer
Publisher:  Feiwel & Friends, 2009
Pages:  384
Source:  Review copy from publisher

Belladonna Johnson has a gift for seeing ghosts.  Her parents are killed in a car accident and so they continue to live at the house with her and cook for her.  Suddenly ghosts all over twon, including her parents begin to disappear.  Belladonna along with her classmate Steve set out to figure out what is happening to the ghosts.  The school and its characters have a quirky yet dreary feel to them.  In some ways the story reminded me of parts of the Harry Potter books.  I look forward to her next book.

Secrets of a Christmas Box - Steven Hornby
Publisher:  Ecky Thump Books
Pages:  248
Source:  Review copy from publisher

It's sad that I didn't get this read until lasst weekend.  A great Christmas story that I want to re-read each Christmas.  for those of us who are adults and try  to keep our imaginations well timed this book is a treat.  Every night after the humans go to sleep the Christmas tree ornaments come alive.  The book opens with teh tree dwellers greeting each other and talking about their new home or where they are on the branches.  Larry the snoman goes about looking for his brother Terrance.  Unable to find him, Larry and three freinds set off on a dangerous journey where they learn everything is not as it seems.  Jealousy reign among the tree dwellers.  This is a must read story each Christmas.

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