Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday's Comment Challenge

I have found one of the most beautiful sites. I know I just keep saying this. I am not referring to the way it looks, although it is beautiful in that way as well. Sharon Mayhew of “Random Thoughts” is a former elementary teacher and a writer. What I found on her site was so much information and resources that was beneficial to me. If you are a writer and are ready to start the query process, this is one site you must check out.
Over at the “Brain Lair” you can find reviews of middle grades and young adult books. As a librarian in a school she is most concerned with not only finding books that the students will like but books that will make an impact on their life. This is exactly what we who are teachers and librarians want most for our kids. Wonderful, yet simple site.

Milly at “Imaginary Dreamer” is what I call an eclectic blogger. She reads and reviews books, authors, notable people, movies and even includes writing prompts. In other words she has something for everyone.
Suey at “It’s All About Books”, has a terrific site. One thing that stood out for me is her ‘reviews’ button at the top of her blog. When you click on it you get an alphabetical list of books she has read and reviewed. I need to check back often because she has a wonderful list and I have not read a lot of them.

Check out Sarah Mae Survives”. The first thing you need to do is read her ‘about me’ found in her sidebar. She has a hilarious way of telling you all about herself. Based on what I read she is the type of person who would be the life of the party, (in a good way) and the one person everyone would want to know. Her posts, whether she is reviewing a book or talking about an upcoming event in her life, is refreshing and funny. This would be the post to read when you first get home from that terrible day at work. It can’t help but perk you up.


  1. Great links to check out - looking forward to spending time at these blogs.

  2. Thanks for turning me onto these new blogs! It's always fun to see what else is out there!

  3. Thanks for the links.
    I am now following `Sarah Mae Survives`