Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Comment Challenge

I happened onto Kelly Polark’s blog because she commented on mine. I thought I would check her out. She is so funny. She posted about a game called Word Bubble at lumosity. You have got to check out her site and see what I am talking about. Just don’t get trapped there too long.

Colleen at Chasing Ray” is a book reviewer who is not afraid of conflict. She has addressed the issue of the cover matching the character in the book “Magic Under Glass” Once again we have a situation such as found with the Book “Liar” She has some great insight so check her site out.

Check out “Jenny’s Wonderland of Books”. She is a wealth of information. In her sidebar she has a list of resources for those of us who collect rare children’s books. As a book collector I am so happy I found this site.

What can you say about someone who calls their site, “Crazy Book Slut”? Check out her site and you’ll understand. Her passion for books comes through in her reviews. She is an eclectic reader and reviews them well. Head on over and check her site out.

Beth at “Library Chicken” reviews just about everything. I enjoyed visiting her site to find more picture books for my granddaughter. I also enjoy visiting sites of those participating in the same challenges I participate in. I get to see what they are reading.

I love the title of this blog, “Read Now Sleep Later”. I do that quite often. This was a nice blog to visit. I say this because the first review I looked at was, “The Island at the End of the World” by Sam Taylor. The author of this blog site told me up front that if I had a problem reading a book that had some coarse language or dealt with the subject of incest I might not want to read the book. I appreciate when I read a review and it isn’t sugar coated. It gives me a heads up. That doesn’t mean I would not read a book like this, I probably would because the premise sounds good. If you want open and honest reviews I suggest you check out this site.


  1. Did you follow the latest cover controversy over at Editorial Anonymous' blog?
    How do you have time for all these challenges? The Read Now Sleep Later blog sounds great. Reviews are really hard for me to write, so I like to see how other people do it. Thanks for commenting on my blog, and now go write! :)

  2. awww, thanks for the sweet words!
    Love, Crazy Book Slut!!!

  3. I keep stopping by to see what new wonders you have discovered. Thanks for posting your trips through the blogosphere.

  4. Thank you so much for the shout out, Sandra!!! I'm loving this challenge, exploring all the different blogs! Your posts are making this much easier!