Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Comment Challenge

Caroline from “Crowding the Book Truck” has a really neat blog. One thing that I really enjoyed was the way she did her reviews. After tell us a little bit about the book and her impressions she had a section titled “Read it with this Book”. Because I have not yet read some of the books she is pairing up I am assuming that she I recommending these books because they are similar..
Monica at Paper Bridges has a fun blog. She posts about all kinds of things. You really need to check out the video she posted of her son. It had me cracking up. I told her this was the type of thing she needed to hold on to until he got ready to get married and he needed to show it to his wife to be.

Kris at Intetextual Chronicles looks like a new blog. From what I have read the books seem to be all adult. I didn’t recognize any of them. That is not a bad thing. The idea behind this comment challenge was to visit blogs we were not familiar with. I have found one and a couple of the “adult” books (as opposed to YA) looked very interesting. Check out her January 24th post. She has posted about a very worthy charity. I tried to leave a comment on several of her posts but was unable to do so. Still I will be back to check out what she is reading. She mentioned 2 Janet Evanovich books. Both are on my list to be read, thank to my sister-in-law.

Moira at Punctuation Playground has a site geared toward punctuation. She is a writer and has written several picture books about grammar for elementary students. I plan on getting the books for my Middle Schoolrs. I teach in a Title I school and somewhere they missed the boat when it came to punctuation. I often find a single period at the end of a two page essay. Maybe these books that will be put on my table with other books to just enjoy will help them out.

Carrie at Reading my Library has a blog full of wonderful books for the little folks in our lives. In my case that would be my grandchildren. Especially Haylee. She is the only one who lives down here in Florida. She has her own library cabinet in my house and will soon have 4 shelves on my bookcase just for her own books. Her toybox at home has books, not toys in it. I plan on visiting Carrie’s site quite often. Haylee loves going to the library but her idea is to pull one book after another out and place it in the bag. This way I can help find some of the good books. I can look them up on our library’s catalog site and have them hold them. That way she can spend more time doing other fun things at the library.


  1. I LOVE that you did the comment challenge this way! I think you deserve extra credit for not just commenting, but telling all your own readers about the new blogs you've found.

  2. Thank you for these nice comments about my blog! I am still getting started as a book blogger, and still finding my way. I loved the 100 Comment Challenge, it was a great way to get out and get to know what people are doing!