Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday's Comment Challenge

I love the title of this blog. By Book or By Crook is a fun site. The first post I read had to do with her visiting a book store so she could use their WIFI. Like so many of us she realizes the magic that is held within the walls of these buildings. The books come to life and speak to us. It is a world I gladly live in.
Alyssa at the Shady Glade probably has the low down on every contest currently going on. If not she is running close. If you are into contests jump over and check her site out. Check out the sidebars as well. They are definitely full of info.

You have to admit that the title Chocolate and Croissants sounds absolutely delicious for this blog. Esme reviews anything and everything French. She has wonderful recipes on her site, (French of course). She reviews books that are French in nature. She writes about travel. I love finding a blog with a theme. I know a French teacher at school that I must share this blog site with.

I loved visiting A Quiet Spot. It is anything but quiet. This blog has showed us that it is possible to blog about life and have fun. I especially enjoyed the pics of their trip to Crococứn. Reading the post about how she handled 45 minutes out of her day and what it meant in the big plan of your day made me pause and think about how I have handled things and how I looked at them. This is a must stop place on your tour around the blogosphere.
Ellz’s Readz is a must stop on your way around the world of blogging. Her post today was an interview with author Julie Kagawa about her debut novel “The Iron King”. I have heard several things about the book. The author interview sealed the deal for me. She is giving away a copy of the book and some book marks. This is definitely a must read. “Island Sting” by Bonnie J. Doerr is another book I found on her site. I had to quite or my list would continue to grow. That doesn’t mean I won’t go lurking around again. Head on over.


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