Sunday, January 17, 2010

Two Children's Books

The Mudhogs - Dalton James
Publisher:  Outskirts Press, 2009
Pages:  32
Source:  Review copy from publisher
There are numerous stories in the world involving three little pigs but Dalton james has taken them to a different problem solving level.  Piggy, Piggles, and Piglet are members of the club of Mudhogs.  Since it hasn't rained for several months there is no mud.  The three pigs try everything they can think of including rain dances and spells.  They finally decide to travel around to find the mud.  One thing I found so charming in thsi book was the name of the towns, states and countreis they visited.  Names like Piggsburg, Snortessee, and Hogico were just a few .  This is the third by by this eight year old writer and illustrator.

The red, Red Car - Manjula Naraynan
Publisher:  AuthorHouse, UK, 2009
Pages:  32
Source:  Review Copy from publisher
Are you looking for a simple children's book with a message?  The red Red Car is that book.  this is the story of a red car who is angry.  He doesn't feel he needs to follow the rules.  This causes him injury and he learns that holding  on to anger hurts not only himself but others also.

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