Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday's Comment Challenge

This seems to be the day that I hit librarian sites. Not all of the blogs I visited today are librarians but the majority of them were. I love talking to librarians. They don’t look at me like I am some book nut, or as one of my students called me a weirdo, book fanatic. I didn’t take offense, I thanked him. I have worked hard for that title.

Kara from “Not Just For Kids” has a site that it simple and lends itself well to all types of books for kids. She has a little bit of something for everyone.
Kathy from “Words World and Wings” reviews everything from baby books to Young Adult Books. I was delighted to see that she is participating in several of the same reading challenges as myself. If you want variety check her out.

Check out “Debbie’s World of Books” if you are looking for that just right Young Adult, romance or mystery book. Her review of The Dead and the Gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer was right on. I can’t wait until the third book in this trilogy comes out. Like Debbie I have waited until closer to time for the third book to come out to read the second one. I hate waiting a year or more between books in a series. Check out what she is reading right now.
Melissa at “One Librarian’s Book Reviews” is a lovely site. First of all she has that wonderful old book in her header. I have an affinity for old books in whatever shape. Currently my oldest book is from 1829 and is literally held together with string. It was passed on to me from by great-grandmother. So once you have gotten past the wonderful header check out the rest of her blog.

Yea, I found another great site. Sheila of Book Journey” has a wonderful site. So often I read three or four sites and they are all reviewing the same book. It is refreshing to find someone who is reading something I have never heard of. She does such an excellent job of reviewing the books, tell you why she wanted to read the book that you are sucked in. Check out this site.


  1. Thanks for the link. Wow a book from 1829? That makes me jealous :)

  2. Thanks for the link :) What an impressive number of blogs you have visited while taking up the comment challenge. Well done!