Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bug's Adventure Series

Author & Illustrator:  K.M. Groshek,
Publisher:  Creatively Canny
Each 32 pages

At first I was worried about the vocabulary.  My four year old grand-daughter "got it"!  I loved the rhyme and rhythm and the positive messages.
In Bug's Trip to the Store, Bugs is taking his first trip to the supermarket.  Driving with semi's on the road is scary.  He learns to face his fears and things will turn out alright.  In Bug Meets His Friend, Bug learns in this adventure that he can have fun doing things by himself or with his friend Coop.  The lesson is that we can ask our friends for help.  That is what bug did.  In Bug Goes Through the Maze, Bug decides to try out a maze.  When he begins to doubt himself he finds encouragement to continue
 I loved these books.  They are informational and informational.  I loved the rhyme, rhythm and the choice of words.  I look forward to sharing these at our academic night next week.  We will have the younger kids while the parents visit classroom.  Wonderful timing.

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