Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Twenty Gold Falcons by Amy Gordon

Publisher:  Holiday House, 2010
Pages:  216

In compliace with new FTC regulations:  I received this complimentary copy from the author.

Aiden Farmer misses her farm.  When her father dies, her mother moves them to the city of Gloria and puts the farm up for sale.  Aiden doesn’t feel like she fits in at the private school she must attend.  The kids and even her teacher call her “farmer girl” instead of her name.  She and her mother are staying in the tiny apartment of her famous opera uncle Tony Balboni.  Throughout this book she meets Liesl, a strange adopted cousin, makes friends with Adam, meets charles the mouse who loves opera, befriends Rosie and her siblings who operate the elevators in the Ingle building,  and stumbles upon the biggest mystery of her life.    When Aiden hears a story about 20 gold falcons hidden in the Ingle building she dismisses it.  That is until the bank has decided to accept them again and they become valuable.  Stumbling upon several clues she decides to hunt for the hidden gold and in doing so uncovers several other mysteries.

I read this book straight through.  It was so good.  The characters were so believable I felt like I was in the story with them hunting for the gold.  Amy Gordon is a master story teller.  She  drew her characters so well that you could not help but dislike Marissa and Quentin.  You felt the evil exuding from Grip.  You wanted to sit in the elevator with Rosie and listen for hours to her tell the stories of the old building.  This was my first book by Amy Gordon but will definitely not be my last.  I can’t wait for my students to get their hand on this and her other books.  We need more books like this that keep you on the edge of your seat.

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