Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ruby of the Realms by Dan Kamin

Publisher:  Black Rose Writing
Pages:  190
Source:  Received from Author/Publisher in exchange for a review

Ruby is a dog from Chicago who meets Ortis the blue bunny when Ortis is whisked from his world into Ruby's.  Ruby and Ortis travel back into Rocia, one of the Six Realms under the Earth,  where they both must confront and fight an ancient evil if they are to save both worlds.

I had a difficult time getting into this book.  I don't know why.  I started it several times and then finally finished.  I found it to be confusing at times.  I don't feel it was poorly written.  I believe it has to do with our tastes in books and this one just wasn't for me.  When I put it on my chalk tray, along with  a synopsis of the book on the board it was snatched up immediately.  I am sure that it will be enjoyed by many but I was not one of them.

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