Saturday, May 1, 2010

Student Saturday

Gabi is a student fairly new to my after school writing program.  She is a very talented writer who aspires to  be published in the near future.  This is an idea she is toying with.  Enjoy.  Feel free to give feedback.  Please remember that she is a sixth grader so no profanity.  My after school students are looking for ways to improve their writing.

My Life in Depression

I just couldn't bear myself to believe it when my family got wind of the news. I absolutely refused to think she was dead. Danielle had been my best friend for thirteen years how could I think she was dead? I looked out the window at the afternoon sky with the sun hanging over the grayish white clouds and bunches of tiny buildings. Darkness was creeping slowly up into my heart unable to accept the fact that Danielle really was dead. I sat on my bed trying to piece together all the facts. She hadn't been at school today, she hadn't answered any of my texts or e-mails, she hadn't met me at the mall and she didn't even seem to bother to pick up her favorite book from my apartment at all this week. Of course I'd gone over to her house and questioned her parents but their only response was that she was dead. I didn't want to believe anything told me about Danielle at the moment. All I really wanted to do was sit and mourn in my bed that Danille might actually be in the hospital or she could have possibly run away from home and her parents didn't want to tell the truth. Of course I wanted to wish all these things were true but my mind was so twisted and confused between sadness, anger and thoughts right now I hardly had a clue what to do. I'd considered going out to look for Danielle knowing she wouldn't have traveled far if she'd run awaay from home but that would only worry my parents. I'd also thought about visiting the hospital but that would just give my parents the opportunity to tell me Danielle was dead and I had to accept that. Both those ideas were eliminated after I'd thought about them of course. So all I could really do now was sit and wait for a better day when my life wouldn't be in the hands of depression.

Gabi (from writing class)

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