Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Body Finder - Kimberly Derting

Publisher:  Harper Collins, March 2010
Pages:  336
Source:  purchased

This is one of the best Young Adult books I have read this year!

Violet and Jay have been best friends for years.  But things have begun to change in their relationship. No longer are they just friends.  Jay is the only other person besides her parents and her aunt and uncle who know about her strange gift.  Since she was a young child Violet has been able to hear the echos of dead bodies.  When her cat kills a mouse she must remove herself from it because the cat carries the imprint of the dead animal.  She has only been able to find peace when she finds the animal and buries it.  When she is eight she uncovers the body of a young girl.  Although it was traumatic she moves on with life dealing with dead animals.  Then things take a sudden turn when she and Jay discover the body of a young girl.  With the disappearance of a second girl Violet is determined to help her uncle the chief of police find this serial killer.  The question is will this put her and Jay in the sights of the killer?

Derting has done an excellent job crafting this story.  I read from beginning to end.  It really exceeded my expectations.  I expected a great story but not one that carried me along the way this one did.  I really did not know who the killer was until the end.  I was so shocked and pleased that it wasn't predictable.   I will gladly read more by this author.  I have heard that she has a sequel  called Desires of the Dead due out in 2011.  I have placed this at the top of my list of books to be purchased.

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  1. Yay! I have this book on my TBR and am looking forward to reading it!