Thursday, May 20, 2010

A New Dystopian Blog

While checking in on Writer Musing's Blog I came across a post about a new Dystopian blog.  They blog all things dystopian.  It is run by four authors who have debut dystopian novels coming out next year. Check out the site run by:  Beth Revis, Julia Karr, Angie Smibert and Jeff Hirsch.  Some very thought provoking posts for such a newbie.  If you are a lover of things dystopian this is a must.

Check out The League of Extraordinary Writers


  1. Thanks for the link! That ran so in line with a lot of my thoughts lately, I ended up changing my entire post for the day (which was going to be about the new Pinkalicious book, so it was a definite change). I linked it back to you and to their site, so we may have some 3-way traffic going on.

  2. Hi Sandra! Love your blog. Thanks for the nice words and for linking to us. Us debut authors can use all the help we can get!