Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Go Big or Go Home by Will Hobbs

Publisher: Harper Collins, 2008

Pages: 185
Source: My shelves
Genre: Middle Grades Science Fiction

Brady Steele is home alone the night a meteorite comes crashing through his roof and goes through his bed. He can’t wait to tell his cousin all about it. The name the meteorite Fred, short for Far Roaming Earth Diver. What Brady and his cousin Quinn didn’t realize is that this meteorite is the rarest kind. They also didn’t realize that it would work wonders in Brady’s life for a day and then start working against him. The question is can Brady convince his cousin that he isn’t losing his mind? If he can will his cousin be able to save him?

A lot of the book was based on scientific fact. This made me wonder if scientist have found life on Mars and aren’t telling us because of what they have learned? Could what they know be used for evil if in the wrong hands? Don’t understand what I am talking about? Read the book. It was a good one and a quick read.

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