Friday, August 6, 2010

The Seer of Shadows by Avi

Publisher: Scholastic, 2008

Pages: 202
Source: My shelves
Genre: Middle Grade Horror/Thriller

Product Description

Horace Carpetine does not believe in ghosts.

Raised to believe in science and reason, Horace Carpetine passes off spirits as superstition. Then he becomes an apprentice photographer and discovers an eerie—and even dangerous—supernatural power in his very own photographs.
When a wealthy lady orders a portrait to place by her daughter's gravesite, Horace's employer, Enoch Middleditch, schemes to sell her more pictures—by convincing her that her daughter's ghost has appeared in the ones he's already taken.
It's Horace's job to create images of the girl. Yet Horace somehow captures the girl's spirit along with her likeness. And when the spirit escapes the photographs, Horace discovers he's released a ghost bent on a deadly revenge. . . .

My review
I can think of at least 5 students who would absolutely love this book. Anyone who love ghost stories will love this one. I loved the idea that the adults in the story were responsible for the problems and it was the teens in the story who suffered the consequences of the adult’s decisions and it was also the teens who had to solve it. The suspense began on page one and continue to the last page. Once again Avi has created a masterpiece.

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