Monday, September 13, 2010

39 Clues: Into the Gauntlet by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Publisher:  Scholastic, 2010
Pages:  176
Source:  Purchased
Genre:  Middle Grades Mystery

As the final book in the series begins, Amy Dan and Nellie find themselves in London.  Upon entering their motel room they find an envelope.  Amy and Dan feel like their mission is an impossible one.  Nellie doesn't want to give up since she is now an honorary Madrigal like Dan and Amy.  The action begins right up front when a monkey steals their clue.  Amy and Dan understand enough of the clue to know that they need to go to a Shakespearean play at the famous Globe Theater.  From their the action continues to grow.  What is neatly tied up in this book is the fact that you start to see the characters doubt the reasons they are after the clue and make it a possible reality for Dan and Amy to succeed in their mission.  What is that mission?  You'll need to read this action packed book to find out.  I loved them all and hate to see them go.  Hopefully we will hear more from Dan, Amy and Nellie in the future.

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