Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Emmy Budd and the Hijacked Train by Jean Blasiar

Publisher:  Charles River Press, 2008
Pages:  148
Source:  Received copy from author
Genre:  Middle Grade, Mystery

This is actually the first book in the series.  I read an reviewed the second book in August.  This series will be a welcomed addition to my classroom library. 
Emmy Budd is typical of most twelve year olds.  She gets easily bored and creates something to do.  I think the reasons I love these books are because  the little town I grew up near is still a lot like Jerseyville where Emmy Budd lives.  I grew up in the country and had to create a lot of my own fun.  Emmy Budd has made friends with the new kid in town, T.J.  When the two sneak aboard a train, they find themselves in the middle of a hijacking and as a teen detective, Emmy Budd decides they have to solve the crime.

I really love Emmy because while she is a typical tween she isalso that mischievious child that has to put herself in the middle of an adventure because of her curiosity.  As a teacher I love the fact that these books are clean and appropriate and I don't have to give out parent warnings for inappropriate content.  This is something I proudly put on my shelves. 
Thank you Jean for allowing me to read this book.  I look forward to future books in this series.   For more information on this author and her books please check out her site:  http://www.jeanblasiar.com/index.html

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