Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Sophie Hartley - Stephaie Greene

Publisher:  Clarion Books, 2010
Pages:  128
Source:  Library
Genre:  Middle Grade Realistic Fiction

Sophie is about to turn 10.  This is a special birthday and requires a special gift.  All she wants is a baby gorilla.  Sophie doesn't mean to tell her friends she's getting the gorilla.  Her parents have been so busy with Nora moving out of Sophie's room and into the attic and with Thad's upcoming 16th birthday that Sophie has felt left out.  That is when it slips out.  Now she has to find a way to get a gorilla because her friends believe she made it all up.  This is a great book about a young girl growing up and the changes that happen with friends and family.  A great book to recommend especially to upper elementary and lower middle grades.

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