Saturday, October 9, 2010

Student Saturday : A Dog's Life by Ann M. Martin

Today's review comes from my student Evan.   It is copied exactly as he submitted it.

Publisher:  Scholastic, 2007
Pages:  192
Genre:  Middle Grade Animals

Two dogs named Bone and Squirrel were born together in a wheel barrel with their mother.  They lived right outside a house with the Merion's living inside.  Matthias was one of the Merion children and he fed Bone and Squirrel until the day they left.  The reason they left was because their mother wandered off and left them behind.  So until they were ready, they left.  Bone and Squirrel were strong brave dogs and they stuck together for a long time.  They wandered through the woods, over rivers, through farms and then they stopped at a highway with cars whooshing by.  In the middle of al of the madness was a bag of chicen.  So they went out for a meal.  On their way they almost got hit by a car.  That's how they met Marcy and George.  The couple took Bone and Squirrel to the vet to have them checked.  They ended up spading Squirrel and neutering Bone.  After a couple of nights in the animal hospital they were again taken home by Marcy and George.  After all of the peeing and pooping of the dogs, George wasn't so comfortable with Bone and Squirrel's presence.  While Marcy was sleeping, George took Bone and Squirrel out somewhere far and he threw them out the window.  That's how Squirrel and Bone became lost.  After the incident, Squirrel wandered away from the location and met Moon.  Night after night they traveled on until one night.  They were crossing a road and a truck hit Moon and clopped Squirrel's shoulder  The passenger got out and took Squirrel and Moon to the vet to get examined.  They kept Squirrel in a cage and fixed her up until she is healthy again.  The man who hit Squirrel took her home.  After a few weeks the family goes on vacation and accidently left Squirrel behind.  Squirrel wandered off from the location and tried to find shelter while making her hunting skills improve.  After she finishes her last winter in a barn she ends up at an old ladies house.  The owner, Susan opens up the door and tries to be nice and let Squirrel in.  When Squirrel finally decides to enter the home, Susan directs her to a warm cozy blanket next to her fireplace.  She takes Squirrel to the vet and has Squirrel examined.  After that Squirrel finds her perfect home at last.

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  1. Sounds like a bittersweet story.
    I think I would like it.
    Thanks for the review.