Saturday, October 23, 2010

Student Saturday: A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park

Publisher:  Yearling, 2003
Pages:  192
Genre:  Middle Grade, Historical Fiction

This review is by my student Chandler and is posted as he wrote it.

A Single Shard was a good story to read.  It was about Tree-ear, an orphan that lived in Vietnam.  He loved to watch Min, a sculptor make art work.  One day Min catches Tree-ear spying on him and asks from him to do work for him.  Tree-ear agrees and works and works for hours a day.  All of the village heard about the Commissary Kim was coming to give commissions to the potters.  Min was given one and soon Tree-ear was off to go give the Commissary the art work.  half way through the trip Tree-ear was stopped by two men.  Later he realized that they were robbers!  The two men beat Tree-ear up and has his food taken.  But the worst thing is they trow the vases over the cliff!  Tree-ear is devastated and rushes to the river below.  All that is left is a single shard.

Will the journey end here?  Will tree ear continue?  If he does will the Commissary like the broken art?  Read this book to find out.

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