Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Day of Student Poetry

Asteroid by Jose

Asteroids are cold and hard,
They're dark and look like they're made of lard.
If I were to smell one
I guess it would smell like smoke and coal.
Asteroids probably taste
like granite or a hard glass bowl.
It sounds like a whoosh when it passes
and a boom.
That boom is when it hits a planet,
When that happens it will cause
major doom.

Eternal Sorrow by Mikey

The Horror!  The Horror!
You're gone!
Where are you!?
My beautiful fat cat!
So fat you can't groom yourself.
There you are on the window sill.
Oh No!
You fell out!
Where are you?!

Here is another one the students gave me to do.  I am not very good at writing free verse poetry.  So I picked alliteration to focus on.  They wanted to stump me but I think I did okay.  Once again the underlined words are sensory words they chose for me to use before assigning me  the topic.

Putrid, prickily platypus
Playing in the water
Plumping up your body on
Scrumptious, stinky shrimp,
And tasty insect larvae
A coat so coarse, a nose so flat
Tremendous tail, long toenails
Hurry through the hazy water
Making your scary, annoying grring sound

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