Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Poetry Day Three

Today I am giving you two poems by Mac and also including two that I had to do as modeling for my students.  The underlined words in my poems are sensory words from their lists.

Shy  by Mac
Shy is when you’re scared to meet someone,
And meeting new people is not very fun.
You feel very scared, sad and embarrassed,
And if you talk to people they’ll be most unfairest.
If you can’t meet new people and you don’t want to try,
It’s not a big deal you’re just being shy.

Green   by Mac

Green is lush, green is beautiful,
Green is a color that is tropical.
Green is the color of trees you know,
But I love green because It’s the signal to go!

Rhino   by Sandra Stiles

I sat upon the bench seat
And watched the rhino eat,
Sweet and savory grasses
And not a hint of meat.

I knew that he was something
Very special in a way,
A rigid  horn for charging,
Muddy skin that’s usually gray.

He lifted up his skinny tail
Out came a boom and whoosh,
That left a vile, gassy smell
That came out from his tush.

Shoes   by Sandra Stiles

The taste of sweet and salty feet
Is one sure thing I love to eat.
My tongue caresses every toe
And then its time to go, go, go.

I smell the flowers as I run
All sweet and floral in the sun.
Cushy socks inside of me,
Keep me as dry as I can be.

I crunch and munch the tasty grass
When I am running with the class.
I click and clack as I’m prancing
Pretending that I am tap dancing.

Running near and running far,
I am a running superstar.
I’m telling you that I’m the best
But now it’s time I get some rest.

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