Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Change for this Week: Student Poetry

My students have been working on a poetry unit and I thought it would be great to post some of their poetry this week.  Most of them are not comfortable with writing poetry so I was surprised at what I got.  This last week they worked on sensory poems.   Each class made a list of 10 sensory words under each sense for a total of 50 words.  They were unaware of the assignment.  I then asked each of them to pick a noun and write it at the top of their paper.  They were then told they had to write a poem that used two words from each sense and it had to be about the noun at the top of their paper.  They also had to use one of the following devices:  similies or metaphors, alliteration (the repeated use of a sound), onomatopoeia (the use of words that sound like their name ex.  buzz), or personification (giving human qualities to a non-human item)  So enjoy each day this week.

All of these poems were written by one of my ESOL students.  Her English is improving by leaps and bounds and she is actually one of my better poets.  Enjoy

Poetry by Hilda

Home                                                I Crushed Flower

Like cracks                                       I want to die like
in the stone                                       a flower-crushed
they are                                            from head to toe
place of                                            How sweet I’ll
pure silence                                      smell
that let                                                
us know                                           like spicy perfume
we are home!!!                                among the broken

I Miss You            (Rhyming)                          Geese (Personification)

I miss you                                                           the geese
in the morning                                                     dance
I miss you late                                                     above my window
at night.                                                               singing
just to think                                                         honking their rusty
about you is                                                        trumpets reminding me.
my joy and my delight
                                                                           Parts of me will go
I can’t wait                                                         with them and will
to see you                                                           dress me in their
please hurry and                                                 whispery down
come back                                                          promising me pleasure
you always make                                               of southern treats
me happy; you have                                           releasing me from
that special knack!!!!                                          winter’s grip

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