Saturday, January 8, 2011

Student Saturday: Zoey 101: Quinn in Need by Jane Mason & Sarah Hines Stephens

Publisher:  Scholastic, 2007
Pages:  105
Genre:  Middle Grade Realistic Fiction

Student Reviewer is Aarti and this is her review as she has written it.

The book I read is Zoey 101:  Quinn in Need.  The characters are Zoey and she always forgets her room keys, Chase who has bushy hair and he is competitive, Logan is a jerk and makes fun of people.  Lola is pretty much helpful to everyone.  The setting is on campus (PCA).  The plot is that they are making a bot to compete with the science geeks.  Quinn wanted to go home there to see Otis.  Instead Zoey brought Otis here on PCA campus.  My connection is Chase is competitive who reminds me of my friend Emily.  I think everyone who likes thinking about other s than thinking about their self should read this read.  I saw the shows and found out that I really like the books.

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