Saturday, February 26, 2011

Student Saturday: Alex Rider: Stormbreaker - Anthony Horowitz

This student review is by Niraj.

Alex Rider Knows German, Japanese, French, Spanish, and English.  He took Karate and Kung Fu since he was five years old.  He knows scuba diving and mountain climbing.
Alan Blunt is the leader of M16 and is very serious.  Never jokes and always gets the job done even by using blackmail.
Mrs. Jones is the assistant to Alan Blunt and is kind to Alex.  She is gentle and caring and doesn't like seeing Alex in pain.
Herod Sayle is a rich man who used to be a beggar in the streets of Egypt when he was a boy.  He saved a rich couple who adopted him and took him to the UK.

Alex Rider is an only child and his parents are dead.  The next morning he wakes up and finds his uncle Ian has died in a car crash.  But, Alex isn't so sure about that because his uncle always keeps his seat belt on.  While investigating at his uncle's work which was a band he finds out an amazing secret.  His uncle was a spy that was murdered.  All these years Ian Rider has been training Alex for M16 the name of the operation base.  There he meets Alan Blunt who is in charge of M16 and blackmails Alex by sending him to a boarding school.  So Alex agrees to work for them  His target was Herod Sayle a millionaire who wanted to kill the prime minister who bullied him while Herod was in school.  He plans on sending out a computer called Stormbreaker to every school in every country.  The moment when the Prime Minister turns them all on every child who has one will die.  Herod wants to make the prime minister feel terrible for killing children.  He locks up Alex but he escapes and shoots the prime minister's hand so the Stormbreakers don't turn on.  This book is kind of like the movie.  I would recommend this book to people who love mysteries, spies, and realistic fiction.  This is one of the best spy books I have ever read.

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  1. Wow. Would you check it out - some kids just don't know any fear. That's quite a list of extreme activities he has across his name.