Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Books Read in February

I am kind of disappointed in the number of books I have read this month.  It has been a tough month at school.  The demands get tougher and often there is less support.  Then we had the flu go through the school and of course I missed three days because I got it.  The only good thing is that I now have an agent and am very close to having my first book published.  I know that the more I write the more my reading will slow down.  I just don't want it to slow down this much.  We have a day of reading tomorrow because it is Read Across America and I hope I can get some reading in.  Many of the  students like to do everything except read and often that is a distraction to others and that means I get less reading accomplished.  Let's hope March is a better reading AND writing month.
  1. Lady in Waiting - Susan Meissner
  2. Beloved Castaway - Kathleen Y'Barbo
  3. Make a Wish - Marlayne Giron
  4. I Am A Star - Inge Auerbacher
  5. Storm Runners - Roland Smith
  6. Zan-Gah:  A Prehistoric Adventure - Allan R. Shickman
  7. Zan-Gah and the Beautiful Country - Allan R. Shickman
  8. Darkness Becomes Her - Kelly Keaton
  9. Deadly - Julie Chibbaro
  10. Haven - Kristi Cook
  11. Saraswati's Way - Monika Schroeder


  1. Here's to March being a better reading and writing month! (Even though 10 books in 28 days plus battling the flu is nothing to scoff at!)

  2. This is true. I just wanted to be further along in my reading. I have over 300 books on my shelves at home, plus a nook, a kindle app on my computer and my ADE reader with 20+ books. My goal for this year was 300 and I'm not even 10% there. Spring Break starts Friday and I should get quite a few in.