Thursday, February 10, 2011

Zan-Gah: A Prehistoric Adventure - Allan Richard Shickman

Publisher:  Earthshaker Books
Pages:  148
Source:  Received review copy from publisher
Genre:  Middle grade/Young Adult Adventure

I was thrilled to receive this book for review.  Our county's core curriculum requires students to read  Dar and the Spear Thrower.  There is not a lot for them to follow up on.  Now I can recommend this book to them.
Zan-Gah is the story of a young teen who earns his rights to be considered a man when he  joins a hunt to kill a lion.  The lion thinks he has found a weakness and lunges for Zan only to be killed.  Zan is marked by the lion and renamed Zan-Gah.  He is now considered a man.  After the celebration Zan-Gah decides he must try to find his twin brother.  Most in the village believe Dael is dead.  Zan-Gah has no such feelings so he sets out to find him.  He is diplomatic in his dealings with others, yet also prepared to do battle with them if necessary.
The author has created such a vividly descriptive world the reader feels as if they have entered the world as a participant.

This book has a lot to offer the reader.  They will learn about family, courage and relationships.  I've recommended it to other teachers at my school as an addition to our curriculum.  Not matter what it will be added to my shelves.


  1. I'll add this one to the list of books to get for my boys--thanks!

  2. Hi Sandra,
    The third book of the Zan-Gah series, Dael and the Painted People, is nearly finished. Watch for it this summer at the new web address:

    I hope you will pay us a visit.

    Allan R. Shickman