Saturday, March 19, 2011

Student Satuday: Eclipse - Stephanie Meyers

This student review is written by Arianna.

When people start to disappear in the nearby city of Seattle, the Cullen's know somethings not right.  They suspect who it is.  When somebody, or something intrudes in Bella's room the Cullen's and Quileute's (the werewolves) take action.  Besides that Bella has to worry about graduation.  Even with all of this the main thing on Bella's mind is Edward and being turned into a vampire.  The love triangle between Bella, Jacob and Edward continues.  Edward has proposed to Bella many times and her answer brings on a new round of troubles for the trio.  In Bella's situation I would have done similar things.  If there was a chance that I could protect my family I would take that chance.

I would recommend this book to people around the age of twelve and older.  The series is too advanced in content for anyone younger than that to read and or understand.  I highly recommend this series to anyone who likes romance, action, and fairy tale creatures. I recommend this book/series because I love it and I think once more people get to read it they will soon love it too.

In my opinion the book is one of the most well written books ever.  The fact that the idea for the Twilight Saga came from a dream of Stephenie Meyer's is amazing to me.  The book is so wonderful I've read it about five times.  There really are not words to describe how much I love the series.  The book exceeded my wildest dreams and actually inspired me to want to write about my own crazy dreams.  I believe Stephanie Meyer is a genius.  If she doesn't meet your expectations that means nobody will.

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