Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Reading Thing 2011 in one day

Welcome to another great year of "Spring Reading Thing", hosted by Katrina at Callapidder Days.  Mr. Linky will be available Sunday afternoon for those who are interested in joining in this fun, no stress challenge.

So you're asking, "Sandra, what do I need to do to participate in this wonderful reading challenge?"
The answer is simple.  You may check out all of the rules for participation here.  Here is a quick version.
The challenge runs from March 20th - June 20th.
1.  Create a list of books you would like to read during this challenge.
2.  Set other goals if you'd like.   You may wish to set goals to read a number of books or minutes to your
     children during this time.
3.  Write a blog post about the books you are going to read and any other goals you have set.
4.  Keep all posts family friendly.  May children participate and everyone should be careful of the
     content, as we will hopefully be visiting each other's sites.
5.  Post your list and a link to that post at Callapidder Days.  Mr. Linky will be up Sunday afternoon
     around 3:30 EST.
6.  Read and have fun.  She calls this a no stress challenge because you are free to change your books
     you are not stuck with those on your list.  Sometimes we just can't get into a book and need to
     abandon it.
7.  Visit other participant's sites and see what they are reading.
8.  In June create another post to let everyone know how the challenge went for you.
9.  You may write reviews if you wish on the book you read but that is not required.

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