Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quest For the Nail Prints - Don Furr

Publisher:  Sheaf House
Pages:  352
Source:  Review copy from Bostick Communications
Genre:  Adult/Teen Inspirational, Christian Fiction

Product Description from

If you've ever imagined spending time with the Lord Jesus in His time, this energetic and ultimately gut-wrenching thriller may very well be just what the Great Physician ordered. Quest for the Nail Prints by Sheaf House Publishers is a new time-travel thriller by author Don Furr set in the final days of the life of Christ. Three twenty-first century travelers come face to face with the rugged, radical prophet known throughout the land as Jesus of Nazareth and find much more than they ever dreamed possible. And although there literally is a hole punched through the entire book from beginning to end, you'll find it fills some very important "holes in your quest for knowledge and understanding of our Savior's last days.

My Review
Never have I read a story that reached inside and squeezed my very soul.  Through this book the reader travels back in time with the three main characters.  They travel back to a time when Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem to fulfill the role his heavenly father set before him.  One thing that touched me so much was the human side to Jesus.  We know him as God’s son and therefore rarely think of him as having the same quirks and emotions that we as humans have.  The fact that the author has him roll his eyes or look disdainfully at someone and their remark, made him seem so much closer.  I cried through so much of this book.  The emotion it brings from deep within your soul  makes our walk with Christ that much more important.  Through the eyes of Paul, Elizabeth and the Professor we see within ourselves our own shortcomings.  We see through their eyes  God’s love for them and for us.  This is a book you will want to read over and over again.  It is also a book you will want to recommend to everyone around you.  I don’t think five stars is enough to tell you how much I have enjoyed and feel blessed to have read this book.  May God continue to use this book to his glory.

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