Friday, March 11, 2011

The Twisted Thread - Charlotte Bacon

Publisher:  Hyperion  June, 16, 2011
Pages:  383
Source:  Uncorrected galley from Netgalley
Genre:  Adult Mystery

Armitage Academy, a prep school is the type of place most people would like to send their children, or is it?

The story starts off with Madeline, an intern at the school going out for a run.  As she returns to the school to begin her day she is met with police and an ambulance.  Claire Harkness, the most poupular senior is found dead by another student.  To make matters worse they find out that she had been pregnant and had the baby.  Several of the girls had known about it and taken a vow of silence.  They provided help to her and the baby.  Now that Claire is dead, they realize the baby is dead.  The intern pairs up with Matt Corelli, a former student of the school to figure out who killed Claire and where the baby is.  What Madeline learns is that there is a secret society and Claire was the head of it.  That is why the girls helped hide her pregnancy.  The question is, why didn’t she tell anyone, as in an adult about her pregnancy or the birth of the child?  The motives and secrets become clearer with each twist.
The premise was excellent.  The story told from different points of view did not work as well for me as in some books.  All in all I would recommend this as a nice weekend or summer read.  This is not a book I would probably pick up and read again.  That saddens me because the premise gave me so much hope and it fell a little short.

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