Saturday, June 18, 2011

Princess Academy - Shannon Hale

This student Saturday is brought to you by my students Marquia.  She read a book that I have considered among my favorites.  Enjoy her review.

Princess Academy is about a girl named Miri.  She lives on Mount Eskel with her pa and older sister.  Her dream is to work in the quarry, but her pa won't let her.  One day, subjects from the kingdom at the bottom of the mountain, come to Mount Eskel and announce that all girls eligible must attend the Princess Academy.  Miri has to leave to the academy and takes a wild adventure while there.  She meets new friends, learns a new culture and language, and meets the prince of the kingdom.  When Miri gets to go back home, the love of her life Peder, greets her and she gets what she always wanted from him:  a kiss.  Finally when Miri is back to her old life, she decides to teach all the people that live on Mount Eskel what she learned and lets life keep moving.
This book made me think of the movie the Princess and the Pauper.  It did because the way Miri had to go to the academy and her sister got to stay at home, reminded me of how the Pauper switched places with the Princess.  That is what really caught my attention.  I recommend this book to anyone who needs a little adventure, friendship, and romance.  I do because that is all this book is about: adventure, friendship, and romance.  This book was very interesting. I like the way it blends a little history with the present. I also like how this book uses a lot of detail in the smallest amount of words. I was very satisfied with the book.

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