Saturday, July 16, 2011

Student Saturday: A Girl Named Mister – Nikki Grimes

This review is by my student De'Asia

Publisher:  Zondervan
Pages:  232
Genre:  Young Adult, Realistic Fiction

The Book, A Girl Named Mister is about a girl named Mary Rudine, who is in High School and gets pregnant.  Mister is a nickname that people from the Church that she is a member of gave her.  Mister meets a boy named Trey and they began dating.  While dating, Mister’s actions put her in a position where she breaks her promise to God.  Mister promised God that she would keep herself for God until she gets married.  Mister becomes pregnant, but kept it from her mom until she was further along in her pregnancy.  Mister feels bad about not keeping her promise to God and how hurt her mother will be when she finds out.
Mister begins reading a book of poetry called Mary, Mary; a book about Christ’s mother.  This book talks about Jesus’ mother and how she is preparing to get married.  The book provides Mister with some Spiritual encouragement.  After reading the book, Mister is able to tell her mother about being pregnant.  Mister’s mother is very disappointed but she is supportive of Mister.  With the support of Mister’s mother, Mister decides to keep the baby.  I would recommend this book to any reader who would like happy endings and like books that have you drawn in.  In my opinion, this book was an excellent choice and I will be reading more of Ms. Grime’s books.

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