Friday, July 15, 2011

Two Wonderful Books By Linda Ballou

Saying Goodbye with Love – Linda Ballou

From Amazon:  What your family should know before going to the funeral home. This book is about final expenses and final wishes. This book will make it easier for your family when making funeral arrangements.

About a week back my husband and I went to a local Amish restaurant with two goals in mind.  The first was to seek out the manager in regards to a possible book signing at their restaurant and the second was to eat at their delicious breakfast buffet.  Upon entering we noticed an author set up for her book signing.  After eating we stopped by to look at her books.  I got more than I bargained for.  I chose to purchase her book “Saying Goodbye with Love.  The reason was simple; my elderly mother lives with us.  She is constantly telling me that she has everything in her file cabinet in her room.  I didn’t know what else I needed to do for her or how to bring up the subject.   I new the following things:  My mother was to be buried next to my father in the national cemetery and that her insurance would cover it.  She would always tell me that we would discuss the rest later.  I never knew how to bring up the subject without offending her.  That is where Linda’s book came in. 

My mother has had a living will for quite some time.  It wasn’t until my sister passed away and was cremated that I found out my mother does not want to be cremated.   I decided it was time to sit with her and to use Linda’s book to get things in place.  This went from simple things such as the funeral home to the things most people don’t think about and discuss with family.  I have her wishes for her funeral, who I need to contact, nursing home information in case it ever becomes necessary.  She did the research and chose the one she thought was a best fit.  The financial end is taken care of.  I remember the decisions we had to make when my father passed away.  Tough decisions to make anytime, but especially when you are grieving.  I was going to give this book away on my website but have decided to pass it on to other family members.  I have a sister and niece,  both with cancer.  They have told me I am to handle everything.  This book will help.  I have made a plan for  my own children.  This is not a subject we like to talk about, but it is a necessary subject.  Linda has just made it much easier for us.  I recommend this book to everyone.

Soft Selling in the 21st Century – Linda Ballou

From Amazon:  Dr. Linda Ballou has extracted the essential gems from her renowned sales training seminars and concentrated them all in one prescription for sure-fire sales success. Dr. Ballou covers essential preparation to sell, from goal-setting to eliminating the competition. Then she lays out a clear "Blueprint of Sales" that will guide any reader, from beginner to seasoned professional, to foolproof closings. Throughout she emphasizes the new musts for 21st-century sales: educating the client and stellar service.

After purchasing the book I proceeded to talk with Linda about my first and upcoming book signing.  I discussed my fears with her.  She graciously gave me little tips and hints to make things easier.  I had one of my books with me and I gave it to her as a gift.  Then she handed me her second book and told me that it would help me.  I have read positive thinking books most of my life.  I’ve read some of the best books on selling.  However, Linda’s book Soft Selling in the 21st Century is a gentle reminder not only to those who sell a product, but to those of us who must sell our skills and talents every day.  It was a reminder that even with writing I must still set my goals and then create a plan to get there.  I must set goals and plans for all aspects of this new venture.  So that is what I did.  It’s funny because within thirty minutes of working on my plan I had two book signings scheduled and two stores asking me to bring in my books because they wanted to carry them.  I was so happy.  As soon as I returned hope I sat at my desk and started working at those goals again.  This book will work for everyone no matter what your walk in life.  Most importantly it gave me back the confidence I needed to see what I had to do.  Do I think this will make this book a best seller?  No.  Do I think it ups my chance of getting my book in the hands of those who can make it a best seller?  Most definitely.  I can’t thank her enough for allowing me the opportunity to read and review two wonderful books.  Thank you Linda and I will spread the word about your books.

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