Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kathryn the Grape’s Colorful Adventure – Kathryn Cloward

Publisher:  Kandon 
Pages:  44
Source:  I received a copy for review from the author
Genre:  Children’s picture book ages 3 - 8

This is a wonderful picture book.  There are many things I use to judge a picture book.  No, it isn’t first and foremost about the pictures.  They are important.  For me it is the message.  Now I have to admit that I love picture books.  But, if the book doesn’t speak to the child then what good is it.  It just so happened I received the book in the mail this week and my granddaughter came for a visit today.  When she saw the book she grabbed it and ran to me.  Her mother had read the first book to Haylee and I was unfamiliar with it.  I knew Haylee had gotten the messages whenever we read the word “Bling”.  She would say, things like, “Hey, she learned  everyone loves her.”  She then proceeded to tell me I needed to give the book to “her” teacher so she could share it with the class.  Haylee is only in kindergarten yet has always loved books.  I can’t wait until she learns to write so I can teach her to put some of her thoughts, ideas and her own stories down on paper.  In the mean time I am excited that she wanted to share the book with others.  She didn’t want it on her shelf at my house or hers.  She had me write a letter to the teacher and she sealed it in the manila envelope.  She is so excited.  To me that is the sign of how good a book is, a child wanting to share it with others.

Now to the slightly more technical aspect of the book.  Not only are the pictures bright and colorful, but so is the message.  I love books that try to teach something without the kids realizing they are being taught.  The lessons are all about seeing yourself and others as they truly are.  I am thrilled Haylee loves the book, but I have other grand kids who need to learn these lessons as well.  Since I’ve not read the first one I need to purchase it.  For me this is just one of many books I will be giving for Christmas this year.  I look forward to reading more picture books by this author.

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