Saturday, October 1, 2011

Student Saturday: Hatchet By Gary Paulsen

Student Saturdays are a way for me to showcase my student's book reviews.  Please be kind in your comments.  They are new at writing reviews.  Today's reviewer is Chloe

It all stated in a plane.  This plan was a special plane.  A plane that took Brian from place to place.  Only this flight wasn't the best experience.  This flight changed Brian's life.  Brian was on he plane going to visit his dad in Canada, but on the way bad things happened.  the pilot had a heart attack.  Now I'm sure you're probably wondering who is Brian?  Well I'm he girl to ask.  he s a great person, he is very brave an tough, and those skills are basically required where he crash landed.  Now the pilot he was nice to Brian.  After all, they saw each other a lot, so they kind of had to be nice.  Now about where they crash landed, Brian had to take over so he decided to crash land into a pond in the shape of the letter "L".  When he landed his seat belt wouldn't come undone so he had to hold his breath for what felt like forever to him until finally he got it undone.  When Brian was holding his breath under water I cold relate to how he couldn't hold it anymore.  After Brian got to the surface he was on his own except for the animals and things in the woods.  Brian was a little scared but didn't want to show it, but he knew first things first, he needed to build a fire and make a shelter.  The only food he had was berries and fish.  The only thing he had to help him survive was his hatchet and of course whatever else he made.  I think this book was very well written, but that is just my opinion.  So if you love adventure  this is he book for you, but don't take my word for it.  you go ahead and make your own opinion as you read this great book....Hatchet!

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