Saturday, November 19, 2011

Student Saturday - The Road to Paris - Nikki Grimes

Publisher:  Putnam Juv.
Pages:  160
         Genre:  Middle Grade, Realistic Fiction
         Reviewer:  Farhad

I chose not to include the entire review because it contained spoilers.  I'm glad I had the opportunity to read Farhad's review because I had never heard of the book and it is now on my TBR list.

This book was about a girl named Paris who is shy, kind, caring, and smart.  This book is also about a boy named Malcom who is Paris' brother.  Malcom is kind, caring and he loves his sister paris.  Paris lives in a foster home where she is abused and barely gets food.  ONe day an adult named Mrs. Boone who is the one that runs the foster home slapped Paris back and forth because she disobeyed an order from her, so she locked Paris in a closet for one day.

Paris' brother found out that Mrs. Boon locked Paris in a closet and he found the key and opened the closet and saw Paris weeping and crying for help.  Paris was relieved that Malcom came to save her.  Paris and Malcom decided to run away.  Malcom stole some money from Mrs. Boone's purse while she was sleeping so they would have money for food and transportation.

Paris and Malcom end up in several places and must make some important decisions.  What are they?  Will Paris end up back in a foster home?  Will they get caught for stealing the money?
If you like sad and emotional books then I recommend this book to you.  I was kind of sad while I read it.  The book reminds me of a time I lost my baby sister in Walmart, because in the book Paris loses her brother Malcom.

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