Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Underworlds: The Battle Begins - Tony Abbott

Publisher:  Scholastic, Inc
Pages:  112
Genre:  Elementary, Middle Grade, Myths, Fantasy, Mystery
Source:  I purchased the book for my school shelves

Owen Brown is a very conscientious kid.  He worries about things like the up-coming concert and the multiple projects he helps collect money for at school.  What he didn't think to worry about is the possibility of mythological worlds really existing.  That is until his best friend Dana Runson disappears.  After knocking her down in the hallway, the floor beneath her splits open belching smoke and fire and she is suddenly gone.  The last thing Dana tells him before she disappears through the floor is to go to her house and find a book.  He and his friends Jon and Sydney find the book and a whole lot more.  They enter a world of monsters and the Greek, Norse, Egyptian, and Babylonian Gods.  They first must save Dana from the underworld.  Whether they want to participate or not they are all now part of a Battle that has begun.

If you are loved the Percy Jackson series you will love this new series.  It is geared toward upper elementary and lower middle school.  As an adult I found it very engaging.  For the reluctant reader who really wanted to read the Percy Jackson series but found it to be too bulky  in page length, this would be the perfect series.


  1. This is a great book.

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  3. Thanks for the nice comments! I am enjoying writing this new series!