Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fall Into Reading Challenge Wrap-Up

This is my Fall into Reading Wrap Up.  All in all I think I did okay.  I managed to read a total of 62 books. Of those 62 books 51 of them have been reviewed.  You can return to my first post for this challenge to see which ones I read from my list.  I highlighted them.  Check it out here  The others have reviews waiting to be written or posted.  From those 62 books 31 of them were from my original list of 62.  So what happened?  Well as far as the books I needed to read for another challenge only two of them were read.  I need to stick only to the Spring and Fall Into Reading Challenges.
I suddenly started getting books from authors and publishers faster than I could read them.  Then for some reason I decided to sponsor AND join  70+ students from my school for NaNoWriMo in November. I did complete my 50,000+ novel.  It stinks.  I was also a judge for INSPYS. My months of reading for this challenge broke down like this:
September - 5 books
October - 11 books
November - 8 books
December  - 27 books
Winter Break happened and I went on a three day read-a-thon.     I have to say I am please with what I accomplished.  However it was stressful only in the sense that I have a tendency to add so much to my plate.  School dropped more items on my plate that added to the mix.  I look forward to the Spring Reading Thing.
I do a version of this challenge at school.  One reason is that My students are required to read at least one book a month.  This gives them a chance to meet that goal and get ahead.  Out of all of the students who signed up only 15 actually participated.  The cool thing is that Student A has  read 48 books.  I've told her she no longer needs to write reviews but she continues to do so.  Another one of my students I will call Student B has read 38 books.  I am most proud of her.  She is in a reading class because she scored real low on the state test.  She saw what Student A was doing for her goal and told me she was going to do the same thing.  She set a high goal and I encouraged her.  Her parents complain they have to go upstairs and take her book away to get her to come to the dinner table.  Unlike some of my capable students, Student B is not content to read books that are of a lower level and page number.  She consistently reads books that are 200 - 400 pages long.  She has read the entire series by Lisa Tawn Bergren and Suzanne Collins. I love it.  This, more than any other reason is why I do the Fall and Spring Reading Challenges.  These two students have inspired other students to read.  I don't believe Student B will have a reading class next year.  According to her reading teacher she is making all kinds of connections and she is answering questions that are more along the critical thinking level, two things needed to pass the state test.

Thank you Katrina for once again putting on this Challenge.  I know it was difficult with all that was going on in your life.  As you can see though, this fun, laid back challenge changes lives.

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