Thursday, December 22, 2011

First Sunday - Donald and Aura Elton

Publisher:  CreateSpace
Pages:  256
Source:  Review copy from publisher in exchange for review.
Genre:  Religion

The whole week after 9/11 we walked around in shock.  We rode the roller coaster of emotions.  Anger was an extremely hard one to deal with.  Through this book, a collection of sermons from different pastors from different denominations we discover that it is okay to be angry.  It is not okay to sin in our anger.  The pastors struggled just as we did with what to say and how to react.  Yet , on that first Sunday after the attacks they gave us a reason to push forward.  They let us know ad feel like we were not the only ones feeling this way.  They let us know it was okay to feel the emotions we were feeling.  This is an inspiring book that reminds us that we find our strength in God.  This is an uplifting book that needs to be read by everyone.

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