Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Long Night: William L. Shirer and the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich – Steve Wick

Publisher:  Palgrave MacMillan
Pages:  288
Source:  Received a copy from the publisher
Genre:  Memoirs

William L. Shirer was journalist who took chances many others wouldn’t to get the truth out.  Most of this story took place in Berlin at the height of Hitler’s reign.  I can’t imagine what it would have been like to not know who to trust, not know if you were going to get your information out or not.  The stress alone knowing that you could be booted out of the country and denied access to what was really going on around you while fighting to stay alive from the bombings had to have been horrible.   Even though most of his work was censored he tried to warn people about what Hitler and his men were really up to.  He attended Nazi Party Rally’s and got a first hand look at what was coming.  While reading about Shirer’s experiences I felt as if I had been transported back to a time long before I was even a thought and was living in Berlin watching event unfold.  I admire people like Shirer who are willing to risk everything to get to the truth.  It is by hearing watered down versions of the truth in the media today that we continue to make the same mistakes.  Anyone who loves this time period or history in general will love this book.  It is not an easy read but it is well worth it.

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