Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Seeing Through Heaven’s Eyes – Leif Hetland

Publisher:  Destiny Image
Pages:  240
Source:  Review copy from author
Genre: Adult, Religion

You can’t work your way into Heaven and you can’t buy your way into Heaven.  However, Love IS the answer.  God’s love for us when he gave his son to die for our sins and  demonstration of God’s love through us is what is required.  As I read this book it made me think back to a job interview.  I’m a teacher and the principal was interviewing me for a position at his school.  He asked  me how I handled those kids that are not real lovable and easy to get along with.  I never hesitated in my answer because it is what I do each day.  My prayer each morning is, “Dear Lord, please help me love the unlovable.  Today the unlovables seem to be….”  My sister and I were having some problems earlier in our life.  She told me it would be so much easier for her to deal with me if I would just hate her.  When I told her I couldn’t hate her, she was my sister and I loved her, she hung up on me.  No matter what evil thing she did to me I still loved her.  This is not easy to do, but it is required by God.  God does everything through love and that is what this book shows us.  We must live this way daily to transform our lives.

I will gladly place this book into the hands of my pastor.  He recommends books to our congregation all the time and I believe this is one  that should be in our church bookstore.

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