Saturday, December 10, 2011

Love Twelve Miles Long - Glenda Armand

Illustrated by: Colin Bootman

Publisher: lee & Low Books
Source: Netgalley
Genre: Children's Biography/Autobiography & History

Synopsis from Publisher:
It's late at night, and Frederick's mother has traveled twelve miles to visit him. When Frederick asks Mama how she can walk so far, Mama recounts her journey mile by mile. Every step of the way is special, as it brings them closer together; and Mama passes the time by remembering, listening, praying, singing, and more.
Set on a plantation in 1820s Maryland, this story based on the life of young Frederick Douglass shows the power of his mother's love. The faith she has in her son puts him on a path to escape enslavement and to become a champion of human rights, an influential writer and speaker, and an unforgettable leader.
Expressive, candlelit paintings illuminate the bond between parent and child in this heartfelt story. Love Twelve Miles Long will resonate with children of all backgrounds who cherish the tender moments they share with those they love.

My Thoughts:This was a beautiful book. It is the story of young Frederick Douglas. His mother lived twelve miles away and walked to visit him. He asked her about each mile. She tells him the first mile is for forgetting, the second is for remembering, the third is for listening. The fourth mile is for looking up, the fifth is for wondering, the sixth is for praying, the seventh is for singing, the eighth is for smiling, the ninth is for giving thanks. The tenth mile is for hoping, the eleventh is for dreaming and the twelfth is for love.

If you want to know what exactly they are dreaming and remembering and forgetting then read the book. It is no wonder Frederick Douglas grew up to be the man he was. With a mother with such high hopes and dreams for her son he could do nothing less.

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