Saturday, December 10, 2011

Secret Saturday - Torrey Maldonado

Publisher:  Putnam
Pages:  208
Genre:  Middle Grades/Young Adult, Realistic Fiction
Student Reviewer:  Kiarra

This book is so wonderful.  It takes place in the Red Hook Projects.  Sean is the school's best disser.  He has good grades and he doesn't fight.  In his group is Justin a nice boy who likes rhyming, Kyle who is very smart, and Vanessa who Sean respects.  After Sean has some secret trips with his mom he has a whole new attitude.  He's violent and doesn't talk with his friends anymore.  Justin, Sean's best friend tries to find out what's wrong with Sean and tries to confront him about it.  I liked this book.  It was easy to read.  I would recommend this to my friends.  I connected with some of the character's emotions.

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